Unseen Facts of great wall of China Part 2

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The people from Mongols come to china. they do robbery in china and also killing of people. They made this wall to stop the entry of Mongols into China. Most of the portion of the wall passes from the dangerous zone where humans can not reach. Therefore experts are worried about its construction purpose. The experts are trying to investigate that how construction material was supplied to such high altitudes places.

The experts, therefore, decided to make the 3-D models of the great wall of china with the help of drones.

After taking drones photos, they collect all the photos and arranged them to make 3-D models. After zooming these photos, they got amazed that there are many secrets on this wall. In, 3-D model, the expert saw many secrets inside this wall. There are many secrets doors at bottom of the wall. It looks like that these doors were made for some special purposes.

Experts do not get answered about these doors that if they were needed to defend from Mongols than why these doors were built inside the wall. These doors are hidden inside the mountains. They have found more than fifty doors on this wall. They think an idea that the Ming Army soldiers went to the Mongols area through these secrets doors for their intelligence.

But there is something more hidden which were revealed after the 3-D model.

The team saw a secret tunnel inside the wall coming outside to the Mongols area. The tunnel was seen as different from other doors. It looked like that it was broken forcefully. but on further research, it was found that it was crushed from inside the wall. But the equation arises in the mind that why it was broken inside in presence of hidden doors.

They suggested that it was made to use this path in an emergency in case of an attack by the Mongols. This tunnel was broken from outside therefore it was captured from outside the wall. Still, there may be many hidden tunnels inside the great wall of china.

At last, a question was arises that how much longer this wall was spread. If this was so strong defense system, where it is headquartered. The scientist started research on this, they have found that this wall has been spread from eastern China to the Gobi desert.

The Ming dynasty constructed this wall 650 years ago.

This wall length is amazing that is 8850 km. This distance is the same as if someone travels from Karachi to Lahore 7 times. One end of the great wall of china ended in the sea. Its starting point is from the Gobi desert where it is a great fort. Expert says that this fort is much bigger than these watchtowers. it may be the headquarter of the Ming Army.

Experts thought that this wall ended in the Gobi desert. But some pictures were taken from a satellite. The researcher got amazed after zooming these pictures. They saw a rough wall was seen onwards from the Gobi desert. This wall more resembles the great wall of China. The wall got rough with the passage of time. The researcher started thinking about the roughness of the wall.


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