Unseen Facts of great wall of China Part 1

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Every year millions of people come from all over the world to see the amazing great wall of china.

This is located outside of Beijing. This is considered as greatest structure constructed by humans. It is lengthy that no drone can a complete pics of it, nor can see it in a single scene in a plane.

The only way to see this lengthy wall using s moving satellite located 500 km away from the earth. There are only a few peoples who have completed the track of this wall. The three friends crossed this wall in 17 months. This period becomes 510 days.

This wall passes from many hill points and dangerous forests. It was also constructed in desert areas. Its height is almost more than a two-story building. It is 20 feet wide with a length of thousands of miles. If 510 days are required to cross it, then it is not only amazing to think that how many days are required for its construction.

One thing comes to mind that why it is required to build such a great wall. They are very strong people who completed this challenging work. After passing centuries, many secrets are still hidden behind this construction of the wall. This question arises in every mind.

The portion of the wall present in the Jingshanling city is its original shape.

The wall has retained its shape even after passing lots of years. according to satellite, the wall present in Jingshanling city passes from high mountain and have tall towers for watching purpose. To make these towers airy, many large size windows are present inside these towers. At a time, 50 people can live in these towers.

Experts say that there present more than 25000 towers on this wall. these were made during the era of the Ming dynasty.

This portion of the wall and tower present here are almost 650 years old. There are present many large holes along the wall. it looks like that these holes are made to see the enemy’s activity. The experts say that these holes are present to throw fireballs. The defense system through this wall was so strong that the enemy does try to move forward. It means that it is not only the wall, but it is also a complete military defense system.

The idea comes to mind that who was the enemy that Ming army make such a purposeful and strong defense system. After seeing from the satellite it has been seen that there is a thick forest north of this wall. Mongols live in these forests many centuries agoes. Mongols come from these to do robbery and killing in china.



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