Top 20 amazing facts of living world

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We know that there are a lot of living facts and secrets of this world. whatever operating system you have installed on your computer, you can set the name of your folder “CON”. Whether it is window 7 or window 10, you can not place a folder with the name CON.

In this world, there are many hidden secrets that anyone will not believe in listening to them.

Whenever a monkey is ill, all his friends live away from him. because they think that this monkey will transfer its diseases to them.

The statue of liberty is located in the United States of America. if anyone sees on its feet, its toes are larger in length than usual, feet have. it exists only in 10% of persons in the world. It was considered as beauty in the old era.

In South Africa, there is a typical honey bee, which can produce eggs without any male.

cells are an important part of the body. Every human cell has its own specific thermometer, whenever the temperature of the cell increases, it adjusts itself. Tiger sharks can make a journey of 1000 miles. It can even cross the whole sea. But no one knows why sharks do this.

There are two major parts of the human brain. The things he learn, saved in the left part of the brain. The incidents that occurred with him, saved in the right part of his memory. The frog has a special type of sound. Thousands of frogs have similar voices. They sound with the same frequency and same voice to confuse their enemy. To give the signal to the enemy that there is only one frog, but actually exist many frogs.

There was a shower of meat in Kentucky on March 3, 1876. There was a rain of pieces of meat instead of water. The lighting makes the night as day. Its temperature is 5 times more than the sun. Many of us think that is why the banana has a curved shape always. why a banana can not be straight. it is because when it is going to ripen, it tried to be turned towards the sun.

The Chinese police use geese for security purposes instead of dogs.

The groups of geese were moved freely in the city. if they found any dangerous signal, they start crying giving messages to the police. we all know that water boils at 100 degrees centigrade. but on mount Everest, the water boils at even 71 degrees centigrade.

You all know about one terabit hard drive. It can store data of one terabit. It is amazing for you that one gram of DNA can store 700 terabyte data.

Nasa has a team that smells everything that goes to space. And they smell everything coming back from space. Almost 7,600 liters of water are used to cultivate half a kg of almonds. There is too much gold is present inside the earth’s core. if it is dug out from the earth and expanded on the earth, it will cover all the surface. Today world is going through 2021, but there is a place in the world where still 2013 is running. yes, this is Ethiopia where a year is of thirteen months.

Oxford University is considered as world’s best university.

The first book published by Oxford University has spelling errors on the front page. The basketball game was introduced for the first time in 1891. it is amazing that till 1894, the soccer ball was used instead of basketball. The arctic ocean has no water on its surface and it has snow on its surface throughout the year. But it is estimated that till 2050, in summer season the arctic ocean will have water on its surface.

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