The most advanced intelligent personal robots

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As technology is progressing, industries are shifting from man labor to robots. The first robot under discussion is Buddy. we know that robots have become a useful part of our routine life. Nowadays, Robots are a normal part of our life. The robot under discussion is Buddy. This is a beautiful and most adorable robot which expresses its emotions.

The Buddy Robot has many feelings and emotions present inside it.

it has an artificial intelligence system. It provides many services to family members. It works just like a personal assistant. This robot keeps in mind your birthday, routine activities, alarm, etc. The Buddy also provides your weather notification. It is a favorite for children and elders. When you come to whom, it welcomes you.

When you are leaving the home, it sees off you. When you are not at home, it takes care of your home. if anything is happening unusually at home, it will notify you by application. when you do not care about it, it looks sad and worried. you can give voice commands to it. It is the world’s first personal and emotional robot. you can make a video call through it. It is really wonderful.

The Misty-2 is the new invention in the robotic world.

Robots are a magical revolution of this world. Robots are now considered the third generation. It is one most amazing and futuristic robots. It is a very cute-looking robot. Its high-resolution camera saves your family members’ faces in its memories. it works in command of family members. It welcomes family members and guests. It also opens the door for them. when you are not at home, it becomes the caretaker of your home. It has three microphones.

With help of this audio, it records the phone. Then it plays these clips. It can express emotions like love and fear. you can increase its function by adding socket pins and ahead. There are six touch panels on its head. Its responses on touching these panels. you can share photos with help of it. It is available in the market in three types. The basic, enhanced, and certainty. It is really revolutionary.

TheĀ AppBot Riley robot makes a revolution in the automation market.

if you are too much worried about your home security, then this robot is much better for you. It is a movable camera robot. It got connected with your home through the application. When you go out of your home, it moves into your home just like a security guard. if it found any unusual thing around it, it will notify you. It has a 5 megapixel HD camera. if all the lights of the home are off, it uses its infrared light to capture the video and picture.

It has a 2000 maH battery. This battery provides energy to the robot for a long time. It has a self-charging sensing system, when its battery is down, it goes itself to the charger and charges itself automatically. It gets connected with your wifi. it provides you with high-resolution video and audio. it also has a live video system. Through AppBot Riley, you can get information about your home 24/7. It is a very lightweight robot. it can move very easily on each type of floor. it is available in the market in many colors.

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