Fearful facts about the mystery of Bermuda Triangle part 1

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It was the day of 20 December 2020m when a 30 feet boat was moving

from Bahamas island to Florida.

There were 20 passengers in this boat. It was a routine journey because this boat already has moved so many times from Bahamas island to other destinations. but this boat did not reach Florida. No one knows at that time what happened with the boat. it was assumed that maybe Sea had swallowed them or any storm had hunted them. The only information at that time was that the boat was moving in good condition from Bahamas island.

Another information was present, This information is that this triangle has to pass from BERMUDA Triangle. when the American coast listened to this news, they conducted a search operation. This operation was continued for 4 days and 4 nights. But they failed to get any part of the boat.

we all have listened to many stories about Bermuda Triangle, It has a very large area, you can assume its total area is greater than the total area of Pakistan and turkey. It is part of the Atlantic ocean. It starts from Florida to Bermuda island, From Bermuda Island to Puerto Rico, and then back to Florida.

The Bermuda Triangle has an area of 800,000 sq km.

It is also called Devil’s Triangle. It is infamous in the world due to its mysterious phenomena. when ships and aircraft pass through Bermuda Triangle, their contact with the base station suddenly disappear and they missed forever. Till now, there is a large number of ships and Aircraft which got suddenly disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.

The researcher got these missing ships and aircraft from the bottom of the sea. But they are not found there where Radar detected them at last time. Many others were still missing after passing too many years. This part of the sea has a strong vertex. Some consider that their sea monster and Sea Aliens exist here. There is just some mysterious inside the Bermuda Triangle that it does return very large cargo ships and Aircraft. Science has finally found the reason behind this mysterious behavior.

This was started in 1945 when the USA Navy Torpedo bomber aircraft was on a mission.

This was a routine practice for those 14 people. But those 5 aircraft suddenly disappear from USA Navy Radar. It was amazing that they all disappear at the same time. Since only a few months was passed since the end of world war 2, so it was assumed that someone has hit those aircraft.


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