Facts of amazing sea discoveries part 3

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The number 4th amazing sea discovery is the Frilled shark.

It is a very interesting type of sea creature but fearful in looking. It has a body very similar to dinosaurs from the front. The bottom side of the body looks like a snake. It has also sharp teeth. The quantity of teeth is 300. Its length is almost 6 feet. Its way of attacking is very similar to snake. The direction of its teeth is in the reverse direction, if anything goes inside the mouth, it is very difficult to get it back. in 2007, a fisherman from japan first time capture it.

The wildlife took this creature and put it into the wildlife sea pool. In the pool, there were cameras installed, where a video of a Frilled shark was made. The researcher assumed that it may be ill, therefore it comes out on the surface of the sea. It can eat the hunted body half of its size in a single bite.

The people who like horror movies must-visit Camp crystal lake. In this lake, there is a statue which is standing inside the lake. The statue story was based on an English horror movie “Friday the 13th”. The movie is based on Jason Voorhees. This statue is famous because of the unique mask and sword in his hand. Its face is on the upside which shocks divers. The owner of the statue tells that he is diving for so many years. According to some news, the statue has been removed from the lake.

The researcher found a crashed plane structure inside the sea.

This plane was crashed during world war 2. during these days, the researcher was working on federated states of Micronesia. About 80 years, in world war 2, there were more than 220 aircraft and 50 ships destructed. This is the location of the sea where the sea is much deep. Therefore due to the high deepness of water, many ships and aircraft debris were not found. Because when planed crushed and fall into the sea, they do not look like a plane. They looked like sea trees.

In 2014, Scuba drivers found a ain’t size knife inside the sea.

Its size was almost 6 feet. The scuba divers do not show their products to the public, therefore it is difficult to locate the place of this knife right now. no one knows now what was the purpose of this giant knife. It looks like a human at that time was large in size and they used this type of knife.



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