Facts of amazing sea discoveries part 2

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It is really intresting to see the underwater strange creatures.

During research underwater, if someone found standing status underwater, definitely he will get amazed. This is a sculpture park. in 2006, a British sculptor named Jason Tylor made this sculpture park underwater. This is located at sea from the west indies beaches.

The purpose behind the creation of this park is also very interesting. Jonson found that small sea fish lived near the underwater hills. he assumed that fishes consider their selves safe near these hill points.

so he was thinking to make such a place where small sea fishes can live happily. he had finally constructed his idea in 2006 and developed an underwater sculpture park. he has made more than 100 different sculptures to give the culture of a safe environment to sea creatures. This idea was only to give shelter to small sea fish.

Many civilizations come into the world and vanish with time. There is many leftovers present underwater which tells the researcher about the presence of old civilization. Deep-sea divers found old medicine underwater near the city of Italy. These tablets look much larger as compared to today’s modern medicine.

The researcher took the help of pharmaceutical companies to investigate the chemicals present inside these tablets. After different experiments on these medicines, it was found that these medicines were made almost 2000 years ago.

The medicines were made up of Starch, Pine Resin, Bee wax, and animals and plant fats.

Olive oil was also used in the preparation of these medicines. According to scientists, this medicine was used to cure the eyes. This medicine was preserved in a very efficient way in a metal tin. It looks like that this medicine was made up by hand. This medicine was found from the Roman shipwreck present underwater.

Many types of equipment were present inside this ship which was used for the preparation of medicine. They also assumed maybe there was a doctor present inside the boat at that time. Certainly, medical science was also strong at that time.





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