Facts of amazing sea discoveries part 1

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we all know that the earth consists of 70% water. we have not even explored 5% of it. There exist amazing sea creatures which humans have not seen till now. Humans from the old era left many secrets. These secrets are getting opened as research in sea is progressing. You will get amazed after reading the fact of deep sea divers discovering the creatures.

Does any river can be present inside sea?

yes the answer is no. but in yucatan peninsula, Mexico, The scuba divers discover a river inside the sea. This river flow due to a heavy layer of hydrogen sulphide. This salt water came from underwater cave. This place was later on termed as “Cenote Angelita”.It looks normal on seeing from above surface. But after going inside the cave about 30 meter, it is very amazing scene.


The Florida beeches are very famous in America. This is because the sea creatures comes out from the sea on the surface of beaches. In October 2012, at the site of Pampano beach, peoples found a gaint eye. They assumed that this eye is of any gaint creature.The eye got socially viral. The eye was sent to wild life research department. On different research methodologies, it was concluded that it is the eye of sword fish. Any fidh hunter kicked out the eye of the sword fish.

In egypt, 6.5 km away from the coast of Alexndria,

Deep sea divers found something amazing. It was not normal. Some archaeologist started to investigate that place. they found 64 ships , 700 Anchors, gold and 16 feet long statues. They also found destructed houses and small stones with strange language written on them. The Ruins found inside the sea were spreaded along several kilometers. They concluded their research that this place was the seaport of egypt with big city. After that any flood destroy it and sea takes place of it. This city is known as Thonis Heracleion.

The next one is discussion about OAR Fish.

Inside the sea, almost at a depth of 1 km, a type of fish lives inside the sea which is even considered bad in japan. This fish is Gaint Oarfish. This is very lengthy fish and is considered as strange sea creature. Some fishes are more than 50 feet. After seeing this fish, any one can called it as sea snake. Japanes consider that if Oarfish is found on the beech, it is the symbol of any  coming natural disaster. According to research, due to environmental changes, the creatures inside sea want to travel to the surface of sea.

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