Amazing technology facts on modern machines

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We will discuss some machines which not only made the work of humans easy but made it very easy.

The machine that comes on number 9 is the multifunctional military crane.

It is the most advanced high-tech crane in the world. It can uplift the heaviest weight. It s wheels can rotate and move on any side. It helps the vehicle to move from any disturbing situation. Although it is eight by eight-vehicle. it means that power is distributed to every wheel. Still, if it is stuck anywhere, it can come out of this trouble itself. It can even take and move another vehicle from one place to another. It can maintain its route irrespective of roads imbalance.

The next machine is CYRO-TRAC MULCHING Machine. In the old era, people use human labor to cut the trees in the forest to make streets in it. CYRO-TRAC machine was designed especially for the purpose of cutting of huge volume of heavy trees. It can cut trees and clear the way in hours instead of months. It cut huge trees in seconds.

The next technology is MANTA5 HYDROFOIL BIKES. you have seen many bicycles running on roads and parks daily. But you have not seen the bicycle running in water. The MANTA 5 bike was specially designed to run it in the water. It is most similar to the road cycle. The difference is only that it run in water. If you want to move from one side of the lake to another, The MANTA 5 is the best choice for it. you do not need a boat to enjoy the freshwater lake in presence of MANTA 5. This bike price is 9000 US Dollars.

The next machine is amazing. It is HoverBike. This bike has been designed by a technology company that can fly in the air. It is amazing but it is the reality that it can fly in the air. UAE police have this type of bike that can fly and reach anywhere in the UAE. It can fly and love just like a quadcopter or helicopter. It does not need any type of runway or helipad. It can takeoff anywhere on the normal ground. It was designed by an engineering company. It can fly at a speed of 100 km/h. It can fly with more speed but it is illegal because of the aviation authority.

The next machine is Vaccum Truck.

everyone knows that it required a lot of labor to clean the roads dust and garbage. To collect a lot of plant leaves from roads is a tough job. But vacuum trucks do it very easily in a few minutes. Anything coming in the pipe of vacuum truck, it such it immediately. To control this pipe, A joystick is used inside the truck. It not only collects the garbage but also compresses it. It is because to store more and more garbage in less time.

The next machine is the Horse training machine. The horses which run in a race are usually trained with special exercise. This is done to prepare them for the race. This training is instructed by humans on the training track. This is specially designed to train the horses.  This has been designed to train the horse using a computerized machine. This also keeps the record of every horse like its medical history and daily performance.

The next one is the hotel on wheels.

This is the world’s largest hotel on the wheel. It can be extended at any time as a double-story building. It has 4 bedrooms, attach bath, kitchen, living room, and terrace. The folding and unfolding system of the truck is automatic. It has a self-balancing system.

The 2nd last one is the Runway rubber removal system. When the runway is in operation, due to continuous landing and taking off of aircraft, The runway becomes slippery. To remove these tire marks is a very difficult process. and it is socially difficult in the busy airport. The engineers made this machine only to remove these rubber marks with help of water. This machine has the capability of removing rubber marks 5km/hour.

The next machine is Accessing the crane. To reach under bridges, it is very difficult task. This machine is specially designed to work under bridges. This machine can be set with a train for complicated tasks.


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