Amazing facts on construction of Palm Jumeirah Island Dubai part 2

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How to save the island from sea waves and sonami, it was decided to make a curved shape island around this palm shape island. This island is also called a breakwater island. The time come to think about the depth of the sea. the team was thinking that will it be possible to construct this breakwater island? it all depends on the depth of the sea. After completing the feasibility report, the team found that the Arabian sea is perfect for the breakwater island. because near to gulf, the power of these waves down naturally. but the fear of sea storms is still under consideration. This storm can give a tough time to this island life.

The next challenge was that the crown prince ordered the construction firm not to waste too much time on research and design. they were ordered to finish this project in 5 years. when the firm calculate this time for the project, they got shocked that it was looking impossible to cover this project in 5 years.

The firm needed at least fifteen years to complete the construction of Palm Jumeirah Island Dubai.

but the shaikh only gave 5 years to complete this project. The team decided to start this project on an emergency basis and complete this project on a priority basis. they start building the outer breakwater island. The project was started and was in the initial stages. An incident in the world occurs which was 9/11. After this incident, the face of the world changes totally. People stopped their traveling for tourism and vacation enjoyment. This gives a shock to Dubai’s tourism industry. The millions of dollars looking to waste in the garbage. it looked like that there will be no future for this project.

The firm’s higher management fear of their employees working in Dubai. The firm decided to send back their employee to Holand. But Dubai crown prince guarantee their security and asked them to continue this project. In November 2004, the work on the outer wall started again. but the problem was that it was a must to build the breakwater island first. This project has two separate parts. The first part is to construct this plan shape island with sand only. To protect this sand, it was necessary to build a curved shape breakwater island around it.

It was decided to build the breakwater curved island with help of heavy stones.

How these heavy stones will come to this place and where from these were brought. it was another challenge. The curved island needed 5.5 million cubic meter stones. It is a very large quantity of stones that with help of this amount, the two pyramids of Egypt can be constructed.

Dubai is almost made up of sand only. It was challenging to arrange these stones. It was planned to bring these stones from different sixteen locations in Dubai. The dynamite was used day and night to extract these stones from hilly areas. Some stones are very and heavy even 6 tons.

Havey ships were used to carry these stones to a pointed place. according to an estimation, almost 40000 tons of stones were carried on a daily basis. these become equal to 217 being 747 airplanes. as time passes, the outer island shape becomes visible. if the position of any stone is not well maintained, the waves can break this breakwater island at any time. To make this possible, the sea divers went 30 meters under the water and check the position of the stone, After that, they give a response to engineers about the stone’s position.

it was very amazing that the almost 13,00,000 tones of sand needed for Palm Jumeirah Island Dubai.

The sand in the Dubai desert was not needed for this project. so it was questioned that how the engineering team will arrange this huge amount of sand? it will be summarized in the 3rd part of Palm Jumeirah Island Dubai.

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