Amazing facts on construction of Palm Jumeirah Island Dubai part 1

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This was the time of construction of Palm Jumeirah Island Dubai. This is amazing historic engineering work ever in history. The engineers were thinking that the difficulty was to build land on the surface of the sea. When the Island was completed, there was a huge technical issue with the land. There was a huge technical issue that the island was drowning in the sea with time. It became challenging for construction firms to handle this issue. if the builders will construct hotels, commercial plazas on the island, it can be drowned in the sea immediately.

It was looking that billions of dollars will be wasted if this problem will not be solved.

When this problem arises, the construction firms stop working on the islands. it was not only a challenge but it was also a matter of dignity of the king of UAE. It was so huge island that you can look at completely only from the sky. There was an investment of 900 Arab us dollars. It is very difficult for everyone to manage this challenge.

UAE is famous for its high-rise buildings, luxury beaches, and hotels. There was not only the fear of sonami but also the fear of sonami. Even after passing 18 years, this island is now available with all luxuries. The worker working on this island had worked hard day and night until they got successful in establishing Palm Jumeirah Island.

The first challenge is to minimize the dependency of the economy of the UAE on oil reserves. Therefore UAE planed to maximize its tourism industry. To attract western tourism, UAE builds hundreds of high-rise buildings for hotels, shopping malls, sports stadiums,m, etc. The beaches of Dubai become famous and later on, the time comes when the beaches have no place for more tourists. Therefore Dubai planned to build more beaches to improve tourism. The coastal line of Dubai was only 70 km. They planned to build more beaches to cover the coastal line through the island.

The project of the Island was handed over to Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem.

He proposed the circular shape island. This circular shape will cover only a 7-kilometer island. The UAE king Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid al Maktoum rejected this design. Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid al Maktoum planned to design the island by itself. they proposed the island with a palm tree shape. This design added the 58-kilometer extra coastline to the UAE coastline. The UAE administration planned to build luxury villas, shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants.

There was another challenge in the construction of the Island. The construction team decided to make using concrete and steel. but Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid al Maktoum rejected their idea. he decided to build this island through natural materials like sand and stones.

The stones are required in very large amount that with this amount of stone, A great wall with a height of 2.5 meters can be constructed around the earth. How to arrange such stones and sand, was another challenge. how these sand and stone will sustain in front of sea waves, was another question. Therefore UAE crown prince needed the world’s best engineering team to build this island. To build this island, a firm from Poland was hired. The firm was thinking first about the sea waves. They are thinking about how to save the island from sea waves?


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