Amazing facts about Saudi king traveling part 1

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Whenever leaders of important countries travel, a huge protocol of army also travels with them. Whenever the American president travels, Then their motorcade, Aircraft, and bodyguards travel with them. The secret service agents are also with them. They protect the USA president from any type of danger. If any person who enjoys more protocol than the USA president is Saudi King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz. The most important empire in the world is the king of Saudi  Arabia.

The King of Saudi Arabia has more than 1.4 trillion dollars.

Where ever king Salman travel in the world than the whole world got amazed at their protocol. This huge protocol includes dozens of aircraft, thousands of servants, Chefs, family members, and even their protocol vehicles also moved with king Salman’s journey. It was because protect King Salman from any type of problem.

In March 2017, the Saudi King visited Indonesia in Boeing 747 which landed with very huge protocol, This tour was for nine days. This was the first Saudi Arabia diplomatic tour to Indonesia in the last 46 years. This tour became the center of headlines in the world.

King Salman has two Boeing 747 aircraft, one Boeing 757 200, Boeing 777 300, Boeing 7878, and Airbus a34200. These are dedicated to only King Salman’s journey. Her son Muhammad Bin Salman and other family members have their jets.

Boeing 747 is a special type of aircraft on which more than 600 passengers can travel at a time.


But King Salman used alone this Boeing 747. This is just like a wonderful Castle. These aircraft include Luxury beds, Conference rooms, Toilets, Dining Area and Sitting Area, and Kitchen. In short words, King Salman does not feel whether he is in his Castle or Aeroplane.

All the planes of King Salman are luxury Castle.

The luggage weight of any passenger in an airplane carry normally 20 kg. But King Salman is at last king. On their to Indonesia, they carried 506 tons of luggage. Yes amazing that it was 506000 kg. The luggage includes their two private limousines, gold platted escalator for landing from an airplane.

A private courier firm arranged 36 planes to carry this luggage from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Indonesia. These planes were moved around the King Salman Aircraft. king Salman broke all records of luxuries in Indonesia visit. The carrier company took the help of 570 workers for this process.



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