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Do you know that the Richest people invest a lot of money only to fulfill their life desires? we will discuss the seven richest persons who did many things to make them satisfied. we will discuss their desires.

The person who comes on no 7th is Hamad Bin Khalifa.

he is the ex-king of Qatar. He did many things to fulfill his desire. although Sheikh Hammad is on the list of the world’s richest persons. But then something happened in the life routine that everyone looking towards Skeikh Hammad. Sheikh Hammad has a personal Island. he wrote his name on his island by digging it. This name is long as 2 km wide road. Sheikh Hammad’s desire was that this should be seen from the moon.

The person who comes on the 6th number is Hassan al Bolkiah. He is also known as the sultan of Brunei. He is the most luxurious leader of Muslim countries. Many people gave examples about his luxury lifestyle. He bought a personal Boeing 747 to fulfill his desire. He bought this aircraft for 100 million dollars and invest 120 million dollars in it to make it the world’s most luxurious plane. Even its washroom accessories are made up of gold.

The person who comes on the 5th number is Mukesh Ambani.

He is the top business tycoon in India. He is included in the world’s richest persons. Mukesh Ambani invested a small part of his money in a luxury building construction. This building looks like a normal building. It has 27 stories.

This is basically the living residence of Mukesh Ambani. In this building, only Mukesh Ambani and his family is living. There is an investment of 2 billion us dollars. This building is 500 feet in height from the Mumbai surface. There is a helipad on the top roof of this building.  This building has even large swimming pools, tennis courts. There are 600 peoples who maintain this building.

The person who comes on the 4th number is Saudi Prince Al Walid Bin Talal.

Their interest is only to keep the world’s most luxurious cars. When this person bought all the most precious automobiles, they started thinking about doing something new.  He bought a luxurious car coated with diamonds.

The diamonds placed on this car have the richest quality. The tire rims and even the door lock are equipped with diamonds. There are 1000 Us dollar charges to just touch the car. There have been 48 million Us dollars invested in this car.

The next richest and amazing personality is Jocelyn Wildenstein. This is a woman and it has very strange looks. she is a famous billionaire Arabic woman. The Jocelyn Wildenstein habits are so bad that their phone cost is 60 thousand US dollars monthly.

she becomes famous when she had made plastic surgery on her face with an investment of 4 million US dollars. She wants to look like a cat. because her husband likes cats too much. Therefore she made plastic surgery to make her husband happy. She tried every step to look like a cat. Her husband gave divorce to her on her fearsome face.

The 2nd person on the list is Roman Abramovich.

He is a famous Russian businessman. He is the owner of the famous Chelsea football club to fulfill his desire. he bought the world’s most costly and luxurious yard. Its cost is 450 million Us dollars. This yard has two helipads, a swimming pool, and a missile detection system. This yard he beauty that if anyone takes from outside of  Yard, he can not see inside the Yard.

The next person comes on 1st number and he is a famous one that is Bill gates. He comes as 2nd richest person in the world. He is fain of Leonardo da Vinci. He is so much fain of him that he bought a scientific journal of Leanardo de vinci in 30 million us dollor. This journal was sent for auction, Bill gates give its auction price so high that no other one is able to buy it.



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