Amazing facts about richest beggars in the world

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It is amazing for everyone when anyone listens to the richest beggars. when you give a donation to a beggar, you do not know that this beggar is rich than you. You will get amazed after reading this one. we will discuss the 5 richest beggars.

The no 1 richest beggar is Simon Wright.

he does begging for 8 hours on London streets. He makes extra time on weekends. He does begging with his dog near atm machine. It is his favorite place for begging. He earns 50,000 pounds per year. Simon wright lives in FULHAM. It has its own personal flat.  This flat has a price of 0.35 million us dollars.

The next person is Eisha. Her aim is to help poor and helpless people by using his way. He was 100 years old. he was begging just to help others.she was blind and old. many people just helped her because she was unable to do any work. When she was near to death, she give a advice to her friend, in her advice she asked that when she died than  she can open that advice. After her death, her friend opened that advice. she got amazed that Eisha has more than a cash amount of 1 million us dollor. he has jewelry and property of million of ruppees. he donated all them to poor and helpless people of KSA.

The 3rd one is Irvin Corey. he belong to California state of united state of America. he was a street beggar. He sold newspaper on streets. but he was not a professional beggar. he was professional joker. Irvin Corey has a home whose value is 0.2 million us dollor. It is located in MANHATTAN.

Irvin Corey daily earned almost 200 Us dollor from begging.

He invest all his earning in a charity home of Cuba. This charity firm work to give medicine to orphan children.He spends some of his money in buying newspaper. The earning from selling of newspaper was used by him to run his routine life.

The next one is un identified person. hw was on the roads with his daughter. he wear unclean clothes. Her daughter has a long jacket on her body. someone take its picture when he was begging. when he zoom the picture, he saw that there was a key of Mercedes in his pocket. this begger was un identified, but he was a rich begger.

The next one Gary Thampson.

He lives in city Lexington of united state of America. he used a wheel chair for begging. He claimed that he can not walk too much. He can not make moment in his hands. It looks like that Gary Thampson is a Mentally disable. But people does not know that he only want to look like a disable person. According to carry, he earned 0.1 million us dollor. HE is 5th richest begger in the world.



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