Amazing facts about most dangerous islands of world

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when anyone thinks about the beauty of the land, he always imagines a natural and beautiful island with a beach. Where we want to pass our life. but there are some islands, where we can not even imagine getting there. These islands are so much dangerous that the government of these islands banned these islands for any human activity.

There are six islands on which humans are not allowed to go there.

The first one is Carnac island. This island is as much dangerous as its small size. This island has very dangerous snakes. if they bite any human, their venom can kill the human in seconds. This island is located in Australia. The Carnac island has this type of snake at every inch of its place.

These snakes are dangerous but no one knows where this snake comes from. The historians say that there was a jail on this island. but after some time this jail was completely shut down.

The next one is Stromboli island. It is located near the Tyrrhenian Sea. This Island has 3 active volcanos. The active volcanos mean that they have active lava. it can come out from it at any time. This law is so much huge that it can be seen from a large distance. The lava is almost 5000 years old. It does not stop from its date origin.

it continues to flow out. Many people tried to overcome this island, but no one can stand in front of these fearful volcanos. Many people tried to cross this island but they always got failed. A tourist tried to go inside this island but from that day till now, he was absent.

The next one is Farallon island which is a very dangerous island in the world.

This is located at a distance of 28 km from the state of California. This is known as Farallon island. This island is also known as Devil’s teeth. it is because its mountain has the shape of sharp teeth. You can see it in pictures. but you are assuming that such teeth are not of human, yes but it is more likely the teeth of shark fish. There is so much shark here that no one came here. There is one more reason for its dangerousness.

The historian says that in 1900, the government at that time drop 50,000 drums of radioactive waste. Scientists drop radioactive waste in the water after a nuclear experiment. This water becomes so much radioactive, that if anyone goes into the water, he will die in minutes.

The next one is Dead Man island. this island is located in the united kingdom. You will get horror after reading about it. There is a wide range of skeletons you will find on the island. The researcher said that these are the skeleton of that prisoner who was prisoned on this island. they got died due to a viral disease. When a large number of people died due to viral diseases then they were buried in a lonely place. But these skeleton comes out of graves because weather changes.

The next one is North Sentinel Island. It looks very beautiful by look. similarly, it is very dangerous. It is located near Bengal. Its crystal clay and blue water make it very beautiful.

Very dangerous people live on this island.

They did not accept any human here. Any human comes here, they were killed by using bow and arrow. How many people live there no one knows about it. The people of this island assume that there is no disease on their island. All the people are healthy here. There is no connection between this island with another world. Therefore no disease can enter this island. The historian says that these people are living on this island for 100 years. Some fishermen tried to go to this island, but the rain of arrows stop them.

The next island is Ramree island. This island is very near to Burma. it is very dangerous because of crocodiles. When the 2nd world war was ended, then Janapnes soldiers were moving through this route, the large size crocodile attacked them. only 500 soldiers were left from 1000 soldiers. Crocodiles ate these 500 live soldiers. The historian says that this was the ever most dangerous attack by crocodiles in history.


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