Amazing and Secret facts about Space Objects Part 2

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The international space station is the most costly and largest human-made object.

If any liquid is dropped freely in space, it will take the shape of a sphere automatically. The earth has 3 times water and the rest is an island. Human has only explored 5% water of the total water present on earth. Scientists have sent almost 15 objects till now to explore the existence of water on Mars.

The Largest telescope present on earth can explore only 5% of the universe. The sunlight reaching to earth takes 10 minutes. It means the sunset 10 minutes before our clock.

The international space station makes 16 rounds in 24 hours.  It means it makes every round after 92 minutes. The scientist received a signal from the space station in 2016. It came from space at a distance of 5 billion light-years. It means when this signal originates, our world does not exist. we have seen the rain and snow from the sky. But on venus, the rain is of sulphuric acid and smoke. Space is totally silent. It is so silent that an astronaut can convey his voice message to his neighbor. It is because air does not exist in space.

The astronauts who reached into space have a height of 5cm more than as compared to earth. because bone joints expand in case of zero gravity.

There is a 90 percent of the population in the world can see the international space station easily from the earth. if you see an object like a star moving fast in space, it is actually the space station. The astronauts can not take burp in is because of zero gravity. The pen does not work in space due to zero gravity. The moon is moving away 4cm away from our earth every year.

Although mars and earth share the same sun, sunset on earth looks orange in color but in mars, it gives the look of blue color. There are thousands of asteroids moving in space. if they enter our world, they will be huge destruction. But there is a planet in our solar system which attracts these asteroids. This planet is Jupiter. it is the largest planet in the solar system. it attracts these asteroids due to their large gravity.

Our earth is made up of stone and clay.

But there is a planet on earth which is made up of diamonds only. It is located at a distance of 40 light-years. This planet is termed super-earth. The sky looks blue in the daytime, but black at night. The light is made up of seven colors. when light enters into the earth’s atmosphere, then blue color collapses with the gases present on the earth due to its shorter wavelength. At night when the sun is not present, we look the original color of the sky.


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